Rosemary Garlic Roasted Cornish Game Hens

Preparation time
20 mins
Cooking time
50 mins
8 people
Meal course
Poultry Main Course
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Cornish game hens
Rosemary Garlic Roasted Cornish Game Hens


Cornish game hens make the perfect main course for Sunday suppers or holiday celebrations and can easily be scaled up or down to accommodate your number of guests. Half of a hen is the ideal serving size particularly when the holiday table is overflowing with multiple vegetable side dishes, salads, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, and stuffing. After splitting the hens, rosemary and garlic are carefully worked under the skin to infuse the flavors throughout while roasting. Your guests will be delighted with their individual serving, and no waiting for the turkey to be carved.


  1. Prepare the following ingredients:

    3 tbs. minced fresh rosemary

    4 garlic cloves, minced

    1/2 tsp. coarse sea salt

    1/4 tsp. freshly ground black pepper

    4 Cornish game hens

    Olive oil cooking spray

    Garnish: fresh rosemary sprigs

  2. Set oven temperature to 375 degrees. Cut the hens in half using kitchen shears. Remove the backbone and discard or freeze to make stock. Gently work you fingers under the breast skin, being careful not to tear. Use kitchen shears to snip any parts that are difficult to detach. Work the rosemary mixture under the skin. When finished stretch the skin back to its original position.
  3. Twist the last wing joint under the back to secure while roasting. Lightly coat the hens with olive oil spray and season the skin with any remaining rosemary seasonings, salt and pepper.
  4. Roast for 45-50 minutes until cooked through. Arrange on a serving platter and garnish with rosemary sprigs