Chocolate Chestnut Mousse (Dairy Free)

Preparation time
15 mins
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1 mins
8 people
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Chocolate Chestnut Mousse (Dairy Free)

This easy chocolate mousse recipe is rich and creamy, but it’s not your traditional chocolate mousse at all. One of the main ingredients is chestnuts which are a holiday tradition in many parts of the world. Roasted, they have a sweet nutty flavor and mild starchy texture with an affinity for chocolate. Unlike other nuts, they are relatively low in calories and fat. In this dairy-free chocolate mousse recipe, chestnuts, dates, and avocados provide volume and richness while cocoa, vanilla, and pure maple syrup provide flavor and sweetness. Chestnuts can be purchased fresh during the holiday season, packaged or jarred throughout the year, or online at anytime.

  1. Prepare the following ingredients:

    12 dates

    1 1/2 cup boiling water

    2 ripe avocados

    1 15.5-ounce can chestnut puree

    1 cup cacao powder

    2 tsps. vanilla extract

    1/4 tsp. salt

    1/4 to 1/2 cup pure maple syrup

    Garnish: Whipped topping and cocoa powder

  2. Slit the dates open and remove the seeds. Place in a bowl and cover with the boiling water. Let stand for two hours or more to soften. Drain the dates reserving the liquid.
  3. Cut the avocados in half, remove the pits, and scoop out the flesh adding to the food processor bowl as ready. Transfer the softened dates and cocoa powder to the food processor bowl.
  4. Remove the chestnut puree from the can and stir with a spoon breaking the puree into small pieces. Transfer to the food processor bowl. Add the vanilla, salt, and maple syrup.
  5. Pour in half of the date soaking liquid and pulse until mixed. Begin processing the contents adding more soaking liquid as needed until the mixture is smooth and silky. You may need to scrape the sides of the bowl several times with a spatula to blend evenly.
  6. Transfer to a serving dish, cover, and chill until ready to serve. Garnish with whipped topping and a dusting of cocoa powder.