Kristene Fortier is the CEO, Chief Epicurean Officer, at HealthyKitchen.com. She was a health food and fitness enthusiast long before they became mainstream, but in spite of her healthy lifestyle, she developed acid reflux, osteoporosis, and gastritis from eating the wrong healthy foods. She was diagnosed with gluten, dairy, and cane sugar intolerances. Today, she cooks meals from a variety of healthy diets including gluten-free, GERD, raw foods, vegetarian, anti-inflammatory, Paleo, heart healthy, and diabetic friendly. “Although I am not diabetic, I avoid cane sugar and opt for recipes made with natural sweeteners.”

Kristene FortierIf you’ve ever heard the expression, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, then you understand that in today’s world of food allergies, sensitivities, and restricted diets, one person’s healthy food may literally be someone else’s poison. The focus at Healthy Kitchen is two-fold: healthy recipes and recipes for a healthy you, where “healthy” may be different for each person.

Kristene ditched her high-tech career for pots, pans, and an apron and took her cooking show on the road. Silicon Valley companies hired her to demonstrate how time-pressed workers can prepare healthy meals without spending hours in the kitchen. Sunset Magazine even featured her Low-Fat Holiday Feast one season.

Inspired by her children’s unpredictable eating preferences, she wrote The Whole Family Cookbook and syndicated her column “Pleasing Picky Eaters” to eight West Coast newspapers. Her weekly column “Recipe for Healthy Living” appeared in the Palo Alto Daily News, and she did several live interviews with Tony Tantillo, KPIX San Francisco, explaining how to prepare seasonal recipes without adding saturated fats and processed sugars. One holiday season, she hosted a live chat for WebMD sharing her techniques for reducing fat and calories in traditional holiday fare. In addition, Kristene contributed recipes to womensforum.com, momsrefuge.com, foodforhealth.com, and Parentwise Magazine.

Now residing in rural Northern California, she shares her passion for healthy cooking at Healthy Kitchen. “I sincerely hope that you’ll find recipes that you can tailor to your dietary needs and that HealthyKitchen.com will become your destination for healthy living. Visit often, share your recipes, subscribe to our newsletter, and inspire others to eat healthy.”

Have fun in the kitchen,

Kristene Fortier